Kelli grew up in a small town in Ohio. They had a love of art from a young age, constantly trying to catch up to their older brother by redrawing things that they saw pinned to the fridge. They were drawn to figurative art early, attempting to render full busts of figures far before they were able to.

When attending high school at Wynford Kelli found solace in the art room, finding peace in working. They started bringing in extra projects and working on weirder and bigger stuff. Senior year they were in the art room more than they were in any other class. Miss Duffy was an inspiration and the final push to make up their mind to pursue art after school.

Originally, Kelli wanted to be an art teacher for high schoolers, with a focus on ceramics, but the second they touched glass their life changed. Glass became an addiction, and then a passion. After glass they took their first painting class and fell in love with that as well. The figure was extremely important in their work and was a way to convey emotion through a still panel.

Three years into their undergrad Kelli began experimenting with glass heads as a way to talk about past traumas. From the demonic busts came “Self-Reflection” and the reflection continues as they move closer and closer towards graduating with a BFA in fine art.