Artist Statement

Kelli’s work focuses on everything and nothing at once. They seek to capture a moment in a process that takes 13.3334 moments. They seek to capture emotions that vanish on the wind. They seek to capture the essence of their past, present, and future. They seek to understand themselves. And they seek to understand the world. Kelli’s work is heavily processed based. No matter what medium they’re working in they focus in and focus on the moment; they focus on the brushstroke, the curve of the line, the heat and pull of the glass. Every medium fills them with a different energy, and each one is filled with different moments. Oil painting allows for days of sitting and soaking in the work, of studying and reflecting, of being sober. Digital allows lines to be drawn quickly and precisely and allows more freedom because there are no physical marks on paper, it allows them to flow quickly through a piece and reflect once it’s done. Glass fills them with a bright hot excitement, it’s all second to second, heat to heat, there’s no time to reflect just time to do and then it’s done. Once coming out of working on a piece they have to come into the world again, they have to wake up again to life outside of the work, and they come out differently after every piece. Their art holds a part of them nestled inside of it, their art holds an entire world, an entire lifetime within it that only they have experienced.

Kelli’s work is reflective of the past, present, and future. They use glass, painting, and digital work to reflect their life experiences, such as being queer, presenting female, and PTSD, they believe that art is the best way to convey emotions and the way they are ever changing. The process of creating art shows them more about themselves than they had or would ever know without it. Creating is a pure and untainted connection to your subconscious. It allows the artist to speak the truth without words, it allows them to unlock everything that they keep bottled up and let it flow into these unseen worlds, these quiet moments filled with the buzzing of a million unspoken thoughts. Art is the only way to show how they feel, words aren’t enough, words are fleeting and slip through the cracks of memory; art sticks. Art means something.

No one is ever the same person twice. The meaning of life is to be ever changing and ever learning. To stay stagnant is to stop living. Kelli’s goal is to share their life’s journey and lessons learned via their work. With this in mind, Kelli started creating “Self-Reflection” a series of glass self-portraits. The glass heads are empty vessels made to show the shedding of the self in a moment by moment bases. Every moment of every day you’re becoming a new person simply because you are a person and haven't experienced that moment before. The glass allows Kelli to change and shape these shedding skins, these exoskeletons, embedding them with the emotions they feel at the time. These heads are contorted with self-loathing, hatred, anger, pain, tenderness, and love. Kelli holds their heads delicately, like children, loving each one regardless of what emotion they were created with. Kelli believes that the past should be remembered without regret, without shame, and without judgment, and the present should be experienced fully so that you can create your future.

When painting they focus on the representation of the female form, and in a way, they are all still self-portraits, they all still capture their essence. The “Goddess” series are made to exude both power and delicate femininity that deviates from the classic poses of the female nude. With these goddesses, Kelli aims to showcase an exaggerated female silhouette as something powerful and strong rather than a helpless object of desire. Even as a queer person Kelli is attempting to show the female form through a nonsexual lense, leaving the organic curves and shape but eliminating genitals all together because they don’t matter. Being a gender queer person that has a very female figure Kelli finds comfort in painting figures that look like longer versions of themself. To Kelli what matters is you see the form of a figure, you recognize it as humanoid, gender and genitals is less important than seeing it as a figure. With these “goddesses” Kelli aims to inspire female presenting people to know their worth, to know their inner strength. They believe that everyone deserves to have power over their own lives, that all people have the power to dictate their own fate.

Art making is not just about the finished product, art is not a product. Art is moments, hundreds of moments that come together to mark a period of the artists' life. Art is a window into the very being of the artist that created it. Art making is about being in tune with your soul and being comfortable enough to bare your whole soul to the public. Kelli’s art is not about painting, it’s not about glass, it’s not about digital work, it’s not about a medium; Kelli’s work is about them. It’s about their moments, their time, their thoughts, their emotions. Kelli’s work is not the work itself, it’s their past present and future. It’s nothing, and it’s everything. Kelli’s work is queer and feminist simply because they are. The work is them and they are the work.